Oregon Scientific MEEP! tablet ships for $150, gives kids a safe, exclamation-filled place to play

For all the enthusiasm Oregon Scientific put into launching (and naming) its MEEP! tablet, the company has been a bit timid about getting the kid-friendly Android device into the market -- we're just seeing it go on sale eight months after it was


Pew Research finds 22 percent of adults in US own tablets, low-cost Android on the rise

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that more Americans than ever now own tablets, but if you'd ever wanted some quantifiable data to go along with that homespun wisdom, then the Pew Research Center is glad to help


HP aims for business users with ElitePad 900 Windows 8 tablet

If it's not making smartphones again (yet), HP can at least use Intel's new Atom chips to help expand its mobile device portfolio.


Barnes & Noble hits the UK, launches Nook Simple Touch, Glowlight and a pair of HD tablets

 American bookseller Barnes and Noble is planning to broaden its horizons with a little international travel. At he same time the Kindle Fire HD makes its first tentative steps across the pond, the company behind the Nook has appointed Patric