Vodafone UK to release the HTC Vox as Vodafone v1415


Together with today's official announcement from Vodafone Germany, now also Vodafone UK lists the - by Vodafone Germany already released - Vodafone VDA V as Vodafone v1415. However, unlike the German version, the UK version of the HTC Vox isn't available yet but announced as ''coming soon''. This delay accrues because Orange has a launch exclusivity for its Orange SPV E650 which was launched earlier this year. Powered by Windows Mobile 6 Standard, the v1415 combines powerful functionality with sleek design and the ability to connect via quadband GSM with GPRS and EDGE as well as with WiFi b/g networks. In addition, the v1415 supports Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity and a 2 megapixel camera.

The Orange v1415 also conceals a unique slide-out QWERTY keyboard making it easier than ever before to respond to E-Mails on the move. A generous screen, which switches automatically between portrait and landscape modes, provides optimum conditions for viewing and editing documents.

Vodafone UK hasn't given a release date yet but it should be available latest early next month. Depending on the contract type, it will be available from free up to Ј25.53.